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Self-Loans Machines

As with our security systems, Tag-Alert™ has various options of self-loans available to choose from. With both the iLoan™ EM and RFID range utilising the tried and tested Lib-Chip™ software from Europe, smooth operation and efficiency is assured.


iLoan™ self-loans systems are an easy to use fast checkout solution for your library. They easily integrate into your existing security as they are compatible with Tag-Alert™ and 3M™ security tags.


With patrons making their own transactions, materials handling is greatly reduced for library staff.



2 x Refurbished iLoan™

Self-Loans For Sale.

  We currently have 2 x refurbished iLoan™ self-loans machines for sale.

  • They are both in Very Good Condition
  • Complete with 12 months parts warranty
  • Touchscreen all-in-one pc monitors
  • Epson printers
  • Both come with dark timber-look cabinet

  Price is $6000 +freight and installation EACH

  Price does not include GST.

  SIP2 module required from LMS vendor


  Contact us at or 1300 131 228 for further information.


RFID Kiosk

iLoan™ Uni

RFID Kiosk with Mifare® Reader

iLoan™ Eco

EM / RFID Hybrid Kiosk

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